New Documentary Takes a Tough Look At The Impact of Climate Change on Civilizations

If you’ve got Netflix and steady nerves, you may want to watch the new documentary from David Attenborough, Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet. Where Silent Consent gives a fictive dystopian view of a world after our environmental apocalypse, Breaking Boundaries provides a basis for understanding what is happening now and what we need to do to conserve resources–including a stable climate for the future. For more information, head over to Netflix or visit Global Citizen for a summary and review of the documentary’s major points.

Disclaimer: Neither Prairie House Gallery nor Circa24 has any affiliation with this film, its makers, or Netflix. We are providing this information because we enjoyed the documentary and found the information in it well presented and compelling. Its inclusion here does not, in any conceivable way, imply any endorsement of any of our products or books by Netflix, the makers of the documentary, or Mr. Attenborough

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