Climate Change

In the world of Silent Consent, the climate in the Founder States has changed. The springs are earlier, the cold of autumn starts later, and the summers are drier and hotter.

A great site to explore the science of climate change is the United States’ EPA Climate Indicators website. This website provides access to data and studies that show how our climate is changing and the data on the topic.

You might wonder why we make such a fuss about a few of degrees change in temperature. Those few degrees, when taken planet wide, are not like the differences between seasons. It’s like the difference between a normal temperature around 98F/ 37C and a fever of 100-104F / 38-40C. It is the difference between being healthy and alert and being sick in bed and at deaths door knocking loudly. It is the difference between being able to grow the crops we developed during the relatively stable climate since the last ice age and a continuing trend toward crop failures in some of the planet’s most important agricultural zones. And if you think we can just mine water from our underground aquifers, think again. We’ve been doing that for years already, and now, many of the world’s aquifers are in danger of depletion.

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