Help Fight Diseases

Folding at Home is a way we can all contribute to the fight against Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Covid-19 and others illnesses.

Folding@Home is a project focused on disease research. This medical research involves very complex calculations – and the Stanford School of Medicine can use your help to find cures! Most apps don’t use multi core processors (which modern computers have). Those unused resources are used by the Stanford School of Medicine to further their medical research efforts. Don’t worry, if your computer needs those dormant resources, the Stanford app will step aside and wait until you’re done.

What do you need to do?
– Install one simple, non-intrusive program
– JOIN OUR TEAM #260341 (for Wingnutspc Corp).

Why are proteins important? Proteins are the mechanisms with which organisms interact with the world around them. When we think of modern medicine, we often think of the genome. However, the genome is actually a code for the more complex proteome–the actual proteins that build the body and serve as its interface with the world. The proteins interact with each other and change their shapes in response to the environment. By helping to understand these interactions, we enable scientists to understand how to defeat diseases in far more fundamental, targeted ways than ever before.

If saving the world from Covid and cancer is not your thing, consider getting involved in other people-powered science, history and art projects.

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