The Deceptive Western Hognose

Hognose Snake, Harding Co. S.D., (Ptera Hunter).  This hognose snake lives among timer rattlers and is a very good mimic of the venomous snake.  The hog-nose is considered non-venoumous. For its defense, it depends on the confusion it can create.  Animals that cannot immediately tell the hognose from a small timber rattler, will probably try to avoid it.  The size of the hognose adds to the deceit.  Its smaller size suggests it is an immature rather than a mature rattler. Immature rattlers have less control over their venom glands.  Inch for Inch, this makes juvenile rattlers more dangerous than the adults. Learn more about the art of lying in the natural world. Buy The Wisdom of Loki on Amazon!

Hognose Snake–Ptera Hunter, 2018

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