Kudos to a Great Graphic Artist Rubin Bolling: Alternative MAUS Hits Home

-by Ptera Hunter

Among the best responses that I have seen to date about the recent mashugana decision by the Tennessee School Board to ban a book about the holocaust (because a cartoon mouse shows a breast) comes from graphic artist Ruben Bolling (a.k.a., Tom the Dancing Bug.) One of Mr. Bolling’s most recent parodies, the Approved Maus, features two mice desperate to be themselves in a world that demands masks and vaccines. In lieu of a license to post it, I am providing a link to his blog and cartoon:


As the author of a book on deceit, I feel compelled to ask the school board, “Are you kidding me? –Or, is your intent more malignant?”

Mashugana (adj, n. ): Yiddish expression that describes someone or something as crazy, nonsensical or bizarre. E.g.: (1)The mashugana school board think eight graders will be scarred for life by seeing a dead cartoon mouse with an exposed breast. (2) The mashuganas think we’ll believe that they banned Maus is over a fake mouse’s breast to protect children, even as the threats from bullying continue to haunt LGBTQ and Jewish kids.

Click to access Tennessee_Snapshot_2017_0.pdf

(study published in 2019)


(Article from 2019)

The sales of Maus have skyrocketed since the ban was announced. Please, ladies and gentlemen of the Tennessee School Board, please ban my books! I need the income.

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