Margot Hunt’s Lonely Girls is one of the best reads I’ve had this year.

Lovely Girls by Margot Hunt The book would make a great movie. The bully characters are disturbing and very believable, as are the targets of the bullying. The author has done her homework and understands the dehumanizing nature of bullying and social exclusion. The story could easily have descended into horror, but the author keptContinue reading “Margot Hunt’s Lonely Girls is one of the best reads I’ve had this year.”

Are we abusing our descendants?

Petroleum is a limited resource.  Period.  It takes millions of years to form.  There’s no question that crude oil derives from fossilized zooplankton and algae that died and created deposits and that 70% of deposits formed in the Mesozoic era between 256-66 million years before the present and another 10% before that in Paleozoic times. Continue reading “Are we abusing our descendants?”

Goodreads Giveaway of 100 copies of Silent Consent

Between August 28 and Sept 9, 2023, we’re giving away 100 copies of Silent Consent in a Goodreads Giveaway promotion. We hope you’ll enter to win a copy. Our link for the promotion is: Enter to win one of 100 copies of Silent Consent by Circa24 If you’re like me and distrustful of links onContinue reading “Goodreads Giveaway of 100 copies of Silent Consent”

Chemicals in Everyday Products Link to Infertility

Every day products, such as phthalates (a plastic softener) effect fertility.  These compounds are also found in many air fresheners, cosmetics and many fragranced products. Bisphenols alter estrogen levels and also can interfere with fertility, as can many pesticides and flame retardants. As a result, we can see reduced fertility not just in humans butContinue reading “Chemicals in Everyday Products Link to Infertility”

Microplastics and Male Fertility

Plastics have built modern civilization over the past century, but the price of that wonder may be higher than we thought.  Minimata disease, caused by the mercury used to make PVCs, was an early warning that something was amiss.  More recently, we learned how exposure to plastics can alter our physiology.  PVC and PUR productsContinue reading “Microplastics and Male Fertility”

Parasitic Birds Blend into Their Nests

Be they protists, worms, or vertebrates, parasites depend on their ability to deceive. The nest parasites, like the cowbird and cuckoo, mimic the offspring of their host birds. Their eggs often look like the eggs of a host bird (at least within the visual world of the host), and when they hatch they imitate theContinue reading “Parasitic Birds Blend into Their Nests”

Kudos to a Great Graphic Artist Rubin Bolling: Alternative MAUS Hits Home

-by Ptera Hunter Among the best responses that I have seen to date about the recent mashugana decision by the Tennessee School Board to ban a book about the holocaust (because a cartoon mouse shows a breast) comes from graphic artist Ruben Bolling (a.k.a., Tom the Dancing Bug.) One of Mr. Bolling’s most recent parodies,Continue reading “Kudos to a Great Graphic Artist Rubin Bolling: Alternative MAUS Hits Home”

The Downside of the Growth Curve?

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, human populations have sky-rocked.  In 1800, approximately one billion people lived on our planet.  At that time, we lived on the energy of the sunlight that came down each year or stored in trees and crops over a few years to decades.  Once we learned to exploit fossilizedContinue reading “The Downside of the Growth Curve?”

Tennessee School Board Bans MAUS Over a Naked Mouse.

an editorial by our writer, Circa24, author of Silent Consent Now, in 2022, the Tennessee school board wishes to ban Maus by Art Spiegelman (1980).  It claims that it doesn’t mind people learning about the Shoah, as long as it’s sanitized!  “A naked” picture in the Pulitzer-winning graphic novel Maus displays one character after herContinue reading “Tennessee School Board Bans MAUS Over a Naked Mouse.”