Can phthalates impact the development of boys

Some chemicals in plastics can mimic estrogen, a “female” hormone. Phthalates are found in many products from cosmetics to baby bottles, toys, and paints. They can leak into waters and foods. Although debate remains, data suggests that the exposure to some estrogen-mimicking chemicals, possibly including phthalates, may feminize the genitals of developing males and reduceContinue reading “Can phthalates impact the development of boys”

Chemicals in Everyday Products Link to Infertility

Every day products, such as phthalates (a plastic softener) effect fertility.  These compounds are also found in many air fresheners, cosmetics and many fragranced products. Bisphenols alter estrogen levels and also can interfere with fertility, as can many pesticides and flame retardants. As a result, we can see reduced fertility not just in humans butContinue reading “Chemicals in Everyday Products Link to Infertility”

Who were the “Greatest Generation”

We give this moniker to the generation born roughly between 1901 and 1927. These were the people whose youths and young adult lives were shaped by the Great Depression, Dust Bowl, and the Second World War. Theirs was a generation shaped by the emergence of Hollywood movies, the rise in popularity of comic books, andContinue reading “Who were the “Greatest Generation””

Humans Drive Mimicry in Crop Plants

As I’ve always said, plants are dirty, rotten liars. But sometimes, we are the blame for their bad behaviour. One of the first documented examples of plants lying to survive was that of a weedy grass that mimicked wheat. Eventually, we put enough selection pressure on it that it became a fine cereal crop, rye.Continue reading “Humans Drive Mimicry in Crop Plants”

Germs (Pathogens) Pretend to be Part of us

Immunologists and epidemiologists know that disease casusing organisms can make proteins that the body assumes belong to it. They use these forged molecular pass keys on the cellular docking ports that allow hormones and other messengers to regulate body activities. It now looks like their deception has another consequence: the body’s messengers can get caughtContinue reading “Germs (Pathogens) Pretend to be Part of us”

Dragonflies give hints for the design of better video games, weather forecasting, and missile guidance systems.

Dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata) are masters of flight. Their ability to capture nimble, fast prey on the fly is amazing. It is estimated that they catch 95% of their prey, making them one of humankind’s greatest allies in our battles against mosquitoes and other small biting insects. Harmless to humans, these allies are now revealingContinue reading “Dragonflies give hints for the design of better video games, weather forecasting, and missile guidance systems.”