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On My Mind by Circa24

Circa24 chose this pseudonym to isolate her creative works from her technical, writing in zoology.  The many losses experienced during the early days of the HIV pandemic inspired the first book of short stories, Thomas Hardy was an Optimist. Her most recent creative work, Silent Consent, looks at a potential future scenario—a scenario that could come to pass if we waste our one-time inheritance of resources.

A book of short stories focused on the eras of the HIV pandemic, but not about the pandemic itself. Joe makes his living panhandling; Karen’s mother expects her to give up her life to help her. Jane fights to leave a legacy, and two women struggle between safety and duty as they hear a child abused in the next apartment. The fictional characters drive the storylines in the first collection of vignettes by this author.

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Circa24’Book Recommendations:

Of course, we want you to buy our books, but we also hope you will read others too. We asked each of our authors to recommend some of their favourites. Here are three recommendations from Circa24:

Silent Consent (revised edition) retains all the flavor of the original with a a few errors and format and wording changes. The book sprung from the author’s years of teaching ecology and behavioral studies. It is a dystopic look into a world that could happen–a future devoid of high-grade energy, fertile land, and adequate resources to start over. It asks what might happen when we can no longer find enough energy to power our machinery, and it looks toward our past to understand how we might behave in the future. Now, more than ever, the material looms before us, relevant to our world.

The Downside of the Growth Curve?

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, human populations have sky-rocked.  In 1800, approximately one billion people lived on our planet.  At that time, we lived on the energy of the sunlight that came down each year or stored in trees and crops over a few years to decades.  Once we learned to exploit fossilized…

Remembering Ravensbrück

Ravensbrück served as a Nazi concentration camp exclusively for women. An estimated 130,000 women were interned there during the Nazi era, and between 30,000 and 50,000 women died there.  It was one of the smaller camps. That did not make it any less horrific. There, women were used like horses, pulling heavy equipment. With sheer…

How many slaves do you have?

The first national remembrance of Juneteenth has come and gone in the United States. But, if you thought that slavery ended with the Emancipation Proclamation or with the condemnation of slavery by the United Nations, think again. Mauritania had legal slavery until 1981, and after its abolition, it imposed no penalties for it until 2007.…


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