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NB: Not My Real Name–But I Like It

Circa24 received her art training at Toronto’s 3-Schools of Art, Central Technical School, and “The 519” Circa24 continued an education in art at the College of Du Page and Morton Arboretum in the suburbs of Chicago. She has published numerous journal articles and several books of poetry and sort. She has also provided the cover art for others.

I am a private person, and I like the use of a pseudonym. I chose Circa24: because (1) It is Unique. (2) I have a long-standing passion for chronobiology and daily rhythms. And (3) it’s pretty memorable. (Add to that my actual name impossible to pronounce. It’s spelled with a silent three.)

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Featured Image: Telling Secrets

Telling Secrets

People bond by sharing. It’s an important part of our lives, and when we trust someone with a closely held secrete, its like trusting them with your soul.

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