Our Beloved Dakotas Page

Prairie House Gallery started in a farm house in rural Towner County, North Dakota just outside Hansboro, population 6. (It has since risen to 16).

We retain our love of North Dakota and the friends we made there, and will feature North Dakota Artists (With a smattering of South Dakota and Manitoba artists) and their work on this dedicated page.

The logo of our gallery is based on the prairie rose, the state flower of North Dakota.

Purgatory: abstract painting of bodies in agony done as a statement aginst slavery in all its forms

Circa24, artist and author of Silent Consent, spent time with us in Towner county and developed the seeds of her manuscript there.

Currently Featured: Lakota Rabbit Skin Paintings by Frank Shortey, Lakota/ Navajo Artist

Painting on Rabbit Skin by Frank Shortey: Starting bid:$125; Buy it Now Listing: $200

North Dakota Sunset by Circa24 (NFS)

Spirit Bison Plaque by Lakota Artist Sam Two Bulls Starting Bid $40 Buy it Now $65

Miniature Turtle Mountain Ojibwa willow basket by Brenda Cree ~2.25″ x 4″ $40.00

Lakota Quill Work Barrette with Hugs and Kisses Design in Red on Purple $50

Lakota Quill-work Bracelet in Medicine Wheel Colors $40

North Dakota Lignite Figures

Beulah, in Mercer County in West Central ND is home to the largest lignite mine in the US and has produced beautiful lignite figures. Lignite is a soft brownish to black coal half way between bituminous coal and peat. In its gemstone incarnation, it is known as jet. Starting Bid $25 each Buy it Now: $38 each

Beaded Belt Buckle by Mrs. Jumping Eagle, Pine Ridge Lakota Starting Bid: $100; Buy it now: $170

Painting on Rabbit Skin by Frank Shortey Starting Bid $125; Buy it Now: $200

Lakota Quill-work Bolo with Matching Tips: $250

Lakota Beaded Regalia Sash on Deerskin 
25.25″ (64 cm) + 5.5″end pieces red, white, and blue beads $400.00

Lakota Quill Work Barrett with Red White and Blue Chain Design with Beaded Trim. $55

Vintage Lakota Beaded Tie Holder Staring Bid $30. Buy It Now $55

5.5″ wide by 6.75″ high. This vintage tie holder was produced for home use. It was found in the corner of a house and brought to a Museum in the Nebraska panhandle and offered for sail. The museum didn’t buy it, but I did.

Vintage Lakota Puzzle Bag Starting bid $30. Buy It Now $55

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