Silent Consent by Circa 24

The dystopian world of Silent Consent thrusts readers into a grim, plausible future. Since the end of the carbon era and the collapse of the old empire, the Founder States have used the draconian demotions proposed by Rene Strongbow and Lucrecia Tarquin to punish energy crimes and nepotism. Humans, being what they are, corrupted the system meant to end corruption. As a result, a society that has modeled itself on a warped sense of classical pride, one that preaches that the convicts deserve whatever they get, has begun to implode

The world’s dependence on fossil fuels has become a relic of the past, and human labor now supports the lifestyle of a few powerful clans and a ruthless political regime dedicated to maintaining control of the remaining resources. Over the disenfranchised and political dissidents looms the threat of ‘demotion’ – a grim fate that reduces them to mere objects.

Amidst this oppressive backdrop, a courageous few recognize the injustice of this world and, despite societal pressures, cannot shut their eyes against it. Silent Consent leads us on a perilous journey through the lives of those who dare to challenge the status quo, offering a poignant exploration of their struggles in a society teetering on the brink of darkness.

Silent Consent looks not toward a technologically advanced future for which we may hope. Instead, it foresees what could happen if we don’t conserve resources for our descendants. It gives a raw vision of a world where our descendants live within our legacy of pollution, greed, and waste.

The desire to dominate and subjugate others is too often expressed by our species. In the book, Silent Consent, Circa24 challenges us to think about how our actions today may impact the world we leave to our descendants.

If you like this novel about our future ecology, we invite you to purchase a product that displays the cover art and invites you to Withhold Your Silent Consent to the destruction of the planet and to the use of our fellow humans as slaves.

This century has already seen the rise of several strongmen who threaten us all for personal empowerment. Deny your silent consent and stand up for the future.

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