Why does Alisha Strongbow call Garry Aster a “psychopath?”

Remember, Alisha Strongbow is a Med-Gen and familiar with primary diagnoses. She also knows Garry and what he is capable of—both the good and the dark side.

Not all psychopaths fit the stereotype of evil ax murderers. Many individuals with antisocial personality traits thrive in society without crossing legal boundaries or resorting to violence. These traits can bestow certain advantages in various fields, such as politics, the military, law enforcement, and business. They can also manifest as deep loyalty and protectiveness toward loved ones, although their emotional range tends to be limited. Garry tends to be gruff, not always choosing words to spare the feelings of others.

From a young age, Garry displayed many of these distinctive features, but what sets him apart is how he channels them into positive social endeavors. His hero status is well-earned. He defends those in need, including Stormy and the school janitor. He has a penchant for enhancing the lethality of his weapons and takes satisfaction in turning the tables on predators who dehumanize the vulnerable. His integrity and unwavering loyalty to friends and coworkers often compel him to risk life and demotion.

Garry also has another trait common in psychopaths: He is an adrenaline junkie who craves new experiences and danger. He’s an unapologetic thrill-seeker who will ignore his personal safety for the sake of reality and the opportunity to positively impact the world. Garry teeters at the edge of crossing the boundary between having the trait and high-functioning psychopathy. He navigates the fine line between his darker inclinations and his unwavering commitment to justice and protecting the oppressed.”

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